Field erected tanks constructed to AWWA specifications provide zero leakage tolerance. TBI can also provide foundations, painting, cathodic protection and yard piping.


Municipal, private, and industrial water systems depend on TBI steel tanks for long term value, reliable service, low predictable normal maintenance, no leaks, no spalling, no foundation undermining, and no water infiltration.




The Cylindracone is a cost competitive single pedestal tank and is presently available in storage capacities of 25,000 to 300,000 gallons. Head ranges and heights are custom built for each customer's special requirements. The tanks are constructed in accordance with AWWA standards and can be provided with foundation, painting, and yard piping.


An internal OSHA approved access ladder behind a locked access door will increase safety and security while decreasing liability. The Cylindracone flared bottom design provides protection for control valves and instrumentation equipment.


The Cylindracone Elevated Tank is constructed with double butt welded joints for strength and long term service. The clean geometric lines of the Cylindracone tanks make them easy to paint and maintain while very difficult to access by vandals.