Years of tank experience allows TBI to be dependable and cost competitive in serving your storage needs. Tank Builders, Inc. specializes in Fixed Roof tanks that can provide industrial, commercial, and petro-chemical storage.


Field erected tanks are constructed to API specifications for storage of all types of petroleum and chemical compounds. Foundations, insulation, and special linings can be included.



Tank Builders, Inc. constructs flat-bottom field erected tanks of virtually any capacity for a wide range of industrial applications.


Tanks are most commonly built in compliance with API-650, but API-620 and API-12D tanks are also available.


Applications may include storage of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, sulfur, brine, or other industrial compounds.


TBI specializes in fixed roof tanks, with optional internal floaters, but open top tanks and external floating roofs are also available.


Vapor recovery and internal floating roof designs can be provided for all hydrocarbons, preventing air pollution, evaporation loss, and increasing safety.