Tank Builders Inc., is a steel plate fabricator with general and sub-contract capabilities specializing in steel storage tank design, fabrication, and erection. We have the equipment, personnel, financial and bonding for individual turn-key contracts up to $15,000,000.00.



The main office and yard is located in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex. This allows us to be flexible to do work quickly and efficiently in the southwest states. Additional plate fabrication shops are located near Gatesville, TX and Baird, TX.


We are affiliated by common ownership with Tank and Vessel Builders, L.P.

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Fixed roof or open top flat bottom storage tanks built to API-650, sized from 1,000 BBLS to 150,000 or more barrels. Smaller tanks are available built to API 12D specifications.


Fixed roof flat bottom low pressure tanks built to API-620; 1,000 BBLS and up. Silos or hoppers for granular products, 200 tons capacity to 5,000 tons or more.


Fire protection water storage tanks, built to NFPA or FM specifications; 30,000 gallons and up.


Potable or industrial water storage tanks built to AWWA D100 standards; 30,000 gallons to 20,000,000 gallons or more.


Single PedestalElevated storage tanks built to AWWA D100 standards; up to 300,000 gallons.


Repair, relocation, or structural modification of welded steel tanks. In house plate rolling capacity is 2 3/8 " x 10' wide x 50' long plate. Welding thickness capability is limited only by API or AWWA standards.


Our primary emphasis is field erected welded steel flat bottom. Including all related:

Miscellaneous shop fabrication of appurtenant items

Internal or external steel floating roofs When other trades are    closely connected to the tank construction, we can provide by sub    contract partners the following:

Concrete slab or ringwall style tank foundations

Cleaning & painting required to line or exterior coat tanks

Mechanical valve & piping needed to connect tanks to operating    system

Aluminum internal floating roofs

Electrical work, testing, degassing, stress relief, tank strapping


Tank Builders, Inc. normally provides professional design work and shop drawings for all of its products. TBI currently has registered professional engineers on staff.


Tank builders, Inc. is ready to work in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky and maintains state contractor licenses as required.



Our equipment is the best available for the work we do. Self contained electrical generating, air compressing, welding and testing units mounted on 40' floats allow us to be self dependent for all of our tank construction needs. Our own fleet of motor cranes from 30 to 80 ton capacity are used for tank erection. We can also provide tank foundations and mechanical piping for specialized projects with our own men and equipment.


Field Tank Erection

Motor cranes and crawler cranes, 30-ton to 80-ton capacity. Equipment trailers, with diesel generators, air compressors, manual and automatic welders, scafolding, and miscellaneous specialty erection tools. Tractor trailer trucks with 40' and 45' flat bed trailers and 45' drop deck stretch trailers.